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Sunday, March 6, 2011


I've never seen a "shooting schedule" before.

Now I have. I found it on my e-mail. My producer says it's designed for 35 days.

Thirty-five days!!

As I look it over, it's 35 days of jumping around like a cricket. Scenes coming and going, all out of sequence. First you're crying then you're laughing. As I read them, my emotions jump around, too--as out of order as the pages. As an actress, I'd never know which face I was supposed to be wearing.

I vote for a certain middle-age actress (whose name I won't mention because of course we'll never get her.) Whoever she is, I trust she won't mind that the crying and the laughter are all mixed together like a cobb salad.

Is THIS how movies are made?

When I find out, I'll tell the rest of you. Meanwhile, I'm trying to stay calm.

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